Laminating Film - Holographic

Bring light diffraction patterns to digital print by introducing mesmerising effects to graphics. All rolls come in standard 320mm width.

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    Premium print, packaging and where superior look and feel is required for any print media.

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    Eye-catching and impactful, holographic adds movement and colour to premium print.

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All our film rolls come with a free compatiblity check and after sales care, so you get the best out of the film with no machine problems.

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Proudly Re-purposing our Factory

Our family business has been operating for over 30 years in the lamination industry. Since March 2020 we have re-purposed our factory in order to supply the vital PPE equipment needed to keep everyone in the UK safe from Coronavirus

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We want you to get perfect laminating results everytime that’s why we offer free sample of any any of our film

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All our stock is directly purchsed from our suppliers. No stock has been requisitioned away from the vital PPE supplies needed for our NHS.